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Yael Bartana’s Simone the Hermetic (2015-2016) is an audio-visual installation of the city of Jerusalem. Imagine it's the year 3615. The world is marking the 1,600th anniversary of the birth of Simone the Hermetic. The viewer is invited to stand facing the Mount, to don headphones and to view an audio-visual simulation that recreates Jerusalem exactly as it was during the imaginary lifetime of Simone, in the year 2015. Through Yael Bartana's new sound installation, we will make our way through the streets and locations where Simone's journey began, and also where it probably ended – with the disaster of the molecular disintegration of the city. By zooming out and looking at the city in retrospect we are able to see and reflect on the mistakes and problems of this era.
(Text: Yael Bartana, Annet Gelink Gallery)
Exhibited at the Berlin Jewish Museum, 04.06-21.11.2021,
the Jerusalem Season of Culture, 2015,

and at Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam, 2016.

Hebrew Narration: Yehudit Ben-Yaacov
English Narration: November Wanderin

Romavideo, 4:55 mins, installation version, 15:00 mins

In Chinese, English and Italian

Director/Camera/Concept: Raz Gomeh

Co-Scriptwriter/Translator/Narrator: November


In a sense, Telekinesis is a monument to communication between souls even when circumstances make such contact difficult. It is a testament to the human spirit's resolve to connect with what it imagines to be beyond physical or even metaphysical boundaries. (Excerpt of text by David Stromberg)


Telekinesis was curated by David Stromberg

Exhibited at Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem, 2013


Archnemesis of the Anticlimax

Video excerpt 4:30 mins

Installation version 30 mins, 2014


After obtaining cosmic knowledge from a yoga work-out tape,

a young woman creates a time machine, opening a portal to a revolutionary era.


Emily C. Thomas is an interdisciplinary artist living and working

in Los Angeles, California.

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