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About Me

Welcome to my voice portfolio. Let's collaborate! 

Contact me in English, Deutsch, Français, עברית, Italiano,

or Español.


The scope of my activities is as diverse as my background. 

Raised in the US and Europe, friends describe me 

as an American template with European content. 

As a professionally trained translator and interpreter, 

I work in 6 languages. (3 fluent, 3 on a conversational level.)



A decade of international experience in film & media production led me to express my passion for storytelling through narration and scriptwriting.


Our recording studio offers fast turn-around and creative solutions for a spectrum of global clients 

in various fields: Film & TV, Art, Museums, Education, Non-Profits, and High-Tech companies. 

We also cooperate with top post audio studios.


Why is my talent name November?

I witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. After being based in Berlin for over 20 years, 

it was a pivotal moment that profoundly shaped me. November came to symbolize a revolutionary spirit 

to effect positive change peacefully.

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